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Super Kool (New Zealand) Ltd
Same Super Kool Ice Cream - Same Friendly Team, Same Ice Cream Trucks, Same Ice Cream Products

Super Kool.... Super Cool!

Is there anything Kooler than an icecream truck at your house?!
Is there anything Kooler than an icecream truck at your house?!

I booked a Super Kool icecream truck for my daughter's first birthday after seeing a deal on one of those daily sites. It wasn't so much for her, but the other (older) kids attending.

I corresponded with Super Kool by email to arrange the booking, and they were very prompt to reply, friendly and happy to book several months in advance.

On Saturday, the day of the party, I sent a rush email to Super Kool confirming my booking. I'd completely forgotten to do it earlier in the week and only remembered to do so an hour or so before the party started. I didn't need to worry, even though it'd booked it back in May, they were here at 2pm on the dot as arranged....

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